Trendcarpet's philosophy

Trendcarpet's philosophy is to provide you as a customer with trendy quality rugs at the best price. The sales shall take place with the customer in focus. The customer shall feel the maximum security and satisfaction before, during and after placing an order with Trendcarpet.

Trendcarpet's concept

Trendcarpet offers a wide and varied range where all of our customers should be able to find a rug that matches their home furnishings. Our buyers take care to listen to what our customers want; our focus is always on satisfying more tastes and needs.

Quality at Trendcarpet

Trendcarpet places the highest importance on the quality of our rugs. The rugs are all labelled with care and fair trade tags, which means that child labour is not used in the making of the rugs you buy from Trendcarpet. The rugs come from all over the world – but they all have one thing in common: They are of the highest quality and are produced by trend conscious and gifted designers.

Cowhide rug – at Trendcarpet, you find UK's largest selection of cowhide rugs.

Are you looking for an exclusive rug to decorate your home? If you are, we have the right choice for you – a genuine cowhide.

Trendcarpet was founded in 2008, and since then, it has specialised in cowhide rugs. We have a close collaboration with a few agents, buy large volumes and, for this reason, we can keep down the prices of our cowhides so, today, we can offer the market's best prices for cowhides. Take a look at our range of cowhides in our two largest product categories: Cowhide – brown-white and exotic and Cowhide – black-white.

Cowhide rugs of the highest quality.

When you order a cowhide from Trendcarpet, you receive a completely unique rug, because every cowhide is unique, no two skins look the same when it comes to these beautiful patterns.
We place great weight on the quality of each cowhide and fetch them from Brazil and Argentina, where cowhides are the most beautiful and of the highest quality, All cowhides go through a careful process to make them durable and odourless. We take photos of all the cowhides and you receive exactly the cowhide you see in the picture. Since we take six or seven pictures of each single cowhide, you also get a good view of the high quality from many different angles.





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