Maybe a pouf in leather or why not velvet?

Maybe a pouf in leather or why not velvet?

In today's home, 9 out of 10 have a pouf, which is not that strange as it is the most obvious interior design and seating in an interior. Comfortable to sit on, easy to move and amazingly beautiful to watch. Maybe you already have one or more pouffes, which is quite alright, the pouf is here to stay!

The models I like the most are Moroccan leather pouf and velvet pouf, which are the most popular in the market.

Everywhere online, social media and magazines you always sees one of these 2 beauties, no wonder that you get a decision anxiety about which to choose. Below I will talk more about material, function and tips to make it easier to choose between leather and velvet. Hope you find some help in this jungle of pouffes.

Moroccan leather pouf
Let's start with the material. Leather is skin that has been treated to become resistant to deterioration while preserving its natural strength and elasticity. This treatment is called tanning -  a process of treating animal skin to produce leather. The skin is obviously from Morocco and it´s treated in Marrakech tanneries, an ancient method of treating and dyeing skin. They are handmade and the zipper under the pouf are well made. Simply, a natural and genuine material which is perfect to use for making a Moroccan leather pouf and give it long durability.

Why I like this model is because it radiates warmth. You usually see this kind of pouffes in different shades of brown and if you are looking for a more rustic interior, I would highly recommend a Moroccan leather pouf. Of course, there are many fun and nice colors that you can use to make the interior more lively. Since the pouffes are handmade and unique, their appearance may vary slightly. The most common size is about 30 cm high and 60 cm in diameter and may vary depending on the amount of padding. Of course, you can change the padding depending on how compact you want it. Examples of padding can be pillows or blankets.

Pouf velvet
Then we have the other model, which is more sought after and prevalent than the earlier pouf. Not so strange because velvet is the hottest material in 2018. In the past, the use of velvet was more like royal and religious costumes, but in today's society you can see clothes, curtains, ties and, of course, velvet pouffes. Big or small, with or without storage does not matter, but the hottest thing you can the interior is definitely a velvet pouf. The most common color is different shades of gray, but then it's actually the pouf in pink. This kind of pouf fits into a more stylish home and an interior that strives for luxury. These pouffes are available in many dark and cozy shades, perfect in autumn, but also in fresh pastels. Like any details, there is one for all.

Believe it or not, but at the time of writing, I have actually considered and will place an order of the velvet pouf in pink.

Pleasant evening!

/ Amanda







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