Perhaps a shaggy rug?

Perhaps a shaggy rug?

The carpet that never gets "old" and keeps trendy must be shaggy rugs. Who does not know anyone, regardless of age, who has, want or have had this type of rug?

The carpet is made of a tissue in the knot floss, yes you read right, just like the new dance move. The knot flossa is usually seen in conjunction with bed covers and shaggy rugs. The carpet is woven in a loom with bleached flax in the bottom and the knots are available in varying yarns and fabrics. There are two types of this carpet, whole and half. Just as it sounds, it's about the yarn, either the yarn covers the entire carpet or the yarn is only for forming a decorative pattern on parts of the shuggy rug.

The best thing about these carpets is that they are available in all kinds of shapes; square, rectangular, round or oval. If you want a rug that fills the entire floor, from wall to wall, they also make custom made sizes. Who could not imagine a bedroom floor, for example, covered by this soft, shiny and fluffy rug?

Buying a shaggy rug will no longer mean a choice of few models and colors. They can be found in all the colors of the rainbow; red, orange, green, turquoise, beige, purple, pink and of course there are shaggy carpets available in black, white and gray.

There are models with longer yarn and models that are shorter, but common to all of them is that they are soft and comfortable to put your feet on. One of the benefits of these rugs is that they do not losing lint and they are easy to handle in general. They can be vacuumed as usual and you can remove stains with a damp cloth as soon as they arise. Otherwise: entrust an authorised carpet cleaners.

When choosing a carpet, you can select between colors and patterns, but when it comes to size, shape and location, there are some tips. For example, a 160 x 230 cm rug is perfect for a couch that is about 2 - 2.5 meters long. The carpet should not be shorter than the couch is long. If you have a larger room where you can have a shaggy rug in 200 x 300 cm, you can have two shorter couches of 2 m on each side of the carpet, instead of buying a 3-meter sofa. This type of design fits better in a lounge as the sofas/armchairs stand opposite to each other.

At Trendcarpet you will find many different shaggy rugs and colors that are comfortable in the interior. They have the popular models Cozy, Fancy, Spectrum, Lounge, Elegance and Soft Deluxe. The model I like the most is Cozy, because the yarn is thin, shiny and slightly shorter. More benefits are that they always have free shipping and free return, regardless of delivery is made to a parcel shop or directly to the address.

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