Plastic mats from Horredsmattan

Plastic mats from Horredsmattan

There is a small town called Horred, along road 41 between Borås and Varberg. In this city, craftsmanship is felt in both walls and hands. Horred is a living village where the crafts tradition is deeply rooted. It waft tradition and classic Swedish design, but there is also the will and courage to try new things. Like that time 1956 when the brothers Brogeby came over a party of rainwear that did not sell, cut them down and tested to weave plastic mats off the strips. It was the beginning of Horredsmattan. Each plastic mat from Horredsmattan is wearing a story. A story that began when the very first plastic mats were woven by people around the village. A Horredmat is carefully designed and weaved from a craft tradition that has passed from generation to generation. Knowledge is in the spine. Through a so-called publishing business, they got materials and patterns to their homes where they together with inventiveness, entrepreneurial spirit and belief in their own ability created the beginning of a Swedish design classic. Horredsmattan continues to produce design classics in this small town. But today the production of plastic mats is in modern factory premises. The knowledge and crafts from the first carpets have been preserved and refined. Which is something that is seen when you see the carpets.

When the Horredsmattan came into the mid 19th century, the plastic carpet took over the rag rugs as the most popular carpet. The trend has remained since then and has increased over the past 10 years. But the demands from the customer have become higher. Today, more and more are looking for local, near-produced and environmentally friendly alternatives. The Horredsmatta is therefore made of plastic, yarn or a combination of both, all of which are REACH-certified. This means that these plastic mats do not contain any hazardous substances. As progress has been made in the plastics industry, the company is careful to replace what may be harmful to man and the environment. Now they also launch carpets of recycled cotton and wool.

When we began to weave plastic mats in 1956, trends often lasted for decades. And a carpet would last a life time. Today, there are new trends every year. Therefore, Horredsmattan invites Swedish designers to put their unique feel on the carpets. Because something important for the company is to always continue to develop and try new things, find new designs and start new collaborations. But even more important is that this will never affect the quality of the plastic mat, it is done and has always been made to be durable and to last a life time. One can say that the carpets DNA will always be the same. Common to all plastic mats is that they maintain the highest quality and the terms for the plastic mat are "shape and function". The plastic carpet is easy-care, classic, stylish and modern, and is therefore ideal for kitchen and hall.

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