The multiple uses of poufs

The multiple uses of poufs

Sit poufs are by far one of the most popular furniture pieces available today. But even if you have a pouf or are just thinking about getting one you may be wondering to yourself “What shall I use my pouf for?”. Well, it turns out that they are one of the most, if not the most, versatile pieces of furniture. Here is in this blog I’ll suggest to you where to place a pouf and how you can use it.

Extra seating

Of course to state the obvious poufs make for great bean-bag like chairs which are incredibly comfortable and cosy. They are perfect for chilling out while watching a movie or playing a video game. They are also great in kids bedrooms as they are more comfortable than conventional chairs.

A foot stool

No foot rest by your sofa? No problem! Poufs are lightweight and easy to move, yet are quite sturdy and can handle more weight than you’d expect. You can easily slide one over to you and put your feet up while sitting on the couch. Poufs are the perfect height to rest your feet on which makes them ideal footrests.

A decorative piece

Another great use of a pouf is to use it as just a decorative piece of furniture rather than a practical one. Many people enjoy how a sitpouf fits in their room and the elegance and style which it brings which is why many people, especially interior designers, will use the sitpouf as a decorative piece. Sit poufs are very much in fashion and are used in many homes as a stylish piece of furniture.

A side table

With more and more people living in apartments nowadays it’s best to get use out of every square inch you can. For those who struggle to fit in side tables a pouf would be of great value. They can easily transform into a makeshift table by adding a sturdy tray. Using a tray is very practical as it adds weight and keeps all your belongings centered on the pouf and less likely to fall off.

Using the sit pouf as a side table gives space for some extra decor, while also giving you a place to drink and read a book. You definitely don’t want to put too many things on the pouf though as they may fall off.

A hangout spot for your pets

When people are buying their poufs they don’t imagine for a second that it will be overtaken by the family cat or dog, but it happens. Cats and small dogs love to curl up on the pouf and doze off. You’ll find that you’ll be fighting for control over the poufs with your pets, but if you don’t mind giving up control of your pouf then you’ll be glad to hear that poufs make great comfy spots for your small family friends.


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