10. Shaggy rugs

The shaggy carpet is a constant hit - even in 2019. The fashion can alternate between a shorter pile and a longer wilder pile (right now the longer wavy shaggy rug is trending) but the shaggy carpet is always there, as one of the most in demand, especially as round large rugs. Shaggy rugs come in more different colours than any other rug. Even if you see a lot of rugs in grey, beige and white, there are plenty of spectacular shaggy rugs in more sensational colors like turquoise, purple, pink.

9. Vintage rug

Vintage rugs are in. When it comes to vintage rugs it's all about attractive colours in a pastel-vintage feel. Simple patterns or oriental with a vintage shimmer. Stylish without being serious, courageous but not foolhardy, a colour scheme that warms the room, without being too much. It is not difficult to understand why everyone loves vintage carpets.

8. Bet on the hall mat.

When you enter a home, the entrance rug or hall rug is usually the first thing you see and it determines your first impressions. The hall rug sets the feeling, the mood and the tone of the rest of the home. The obligatory mat at the foot step of the door is on the way out, and has been replaced with a strong trend of investing in a hall rug with personal, bright colours and patterns with character.

7. Multi-colored carpets.

When more and more things in our house or apartment are in grey, beige, or white a stylish multi-coloured rug is something that gives the room and home a real character. The multi-coloured Afghan kilim rug and the Turkish vintage multi-rug in synthetic wool is trending with us and it's easy to understand why. These are carpets that put you and your home in the right mood and humour!

6. Scandi-style

While carpets from the Orient flow into our homes in 2019, the Scandinavian style remains strong. Rugs in sleepy colors, rugs with subtle and simple patterns are neat, and it's clear why we continue to love and want these. We mainly associate the Nordic style with wool rugs and cotton rugs - rugs from nature.

5. The Boucherouite carpet

Morocco has become more and more known as a fantastic rug country. From there comes the popular Beni Ourain carpet, with its white wool and black cross pattern, but also the earlier lesser known Boucherouite carpet. But in the last year, this rug has skyrocketed in the rug industry. Boucherouite is a rug made by hand in Morocco by recycled textiles, such as cotton, wool and yarn. These are woven together into the most amazing designs and colour combinations. All carpets are unique, just like the homes they end up being on the floor of.

4. Kelimen

These fantastic rugs with their staircase-like pattern simply charm everyone who encounters a genuine kelim. The strong colours of Afghanistan, Iran, Turkey, Morocco - made from nature's own dyes - leave few untouched.

3. Large rugs / Dimensional rugs

We tend to go towards larger and larger carpets. The classic sizes for a living room rug - 160 x 230 cm and 200 x 300 cm carpets - are certainly still popular, but all rooms are not shaped to these dimensions. The latest trend is to lay a carpet in either 300 x 400 cm size and place all the furniture on the carpet, or customize your own carpet and order in the exact size that fits the room which the carpet is designed for.

2. Jute mats

Carpets in material directly from nature, such as hemp rugs, and sisal rugs have skyrocketed in 2018/2019. Jute rugs are one of the absolutely hottest trend this year. Jute rugs are of the highest grade of natural rugs with a coarse-woven and rustic look. This combined with the colours of these beautiful natural rugs has charmed many of us.



1. The viscose rug

No other carpet than those in viscose is as equally in demand in 2019, just like last year. A viscose rug, with the right quality, is like a rug in genuine silk (viscose is often referred to as art silk in many contexts thanks to how extremely similar it is to genuine silk). A genuine viscose rug is a rug that is really commented on by those who regard it thanks to its beauty. Classic colours such as gray, beige and greige are the ones that are the most popular among viscose rugs.








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