Why you should choose a wool rug

Why you should choose a wool rug

One of the oldest and most widely used material for centuries is wool. We’ve used it for all sorts of clothing for as long as we can remember. The oldest clothing made out of wool is said to date back 3,800 years ago. But did you know that wool is the most commonly used natural fiber for rugs and carpets? In the age of synthetic materials that may be a surprise to you. 

So why is wool is the most used natural fiber for rugs? Well it’s quite simple really, not only is it a very soft material it is also incredibly durable. Wool has a natural elasticity, which means that it can be stretched, twisted and turned many times before it breaks. To be quite exact the material can be bent 20,000 times. To put that into perspective cotton can only be bent about 3,00 times while rayon on the other hand only 75 times before it starts to deteriorate. It goes without saying that when you purchase a wool rug you are buying something that will last you quite a while.

Now you might be asking yourself, isn’t wool very vulnerable to catching on fire? On the contrary, wool is a natural fire resistant material. Wool has a much higher temperature threshold than most other household fibers to catch fire. Not only that but it also has a much lower flame spread rate and heat release rate. And if wool ever does catch fire it does not melt or drip, meaning it is much harder for a fire to spread. Wool will simply burn itself up if it catches fire. This is one of the reasons why airliners choose wool as their floor material and why firefighters use wool blankets when exposed to flames. So you can go ahead and place your new wool rug right next to your fireplace without a second thought. 

One big benefit of buying a wool rug is that wool is a renewable resource, which is good for the environment. Wool comes from sheep which are sheared from their coats every year. Contrary to what some people believe, shearing sheep does not actual hurt them and is important for their health during the summer months. Today most of the world’s wool comes from Australia and New Zealand and is said to be of the highest grade of wool in the world. (Fun fact: there are twenty times more sheep than people in New Zealand). The people there have been growing wool for generations and know how to keep their sheep happy and healthy. This is also why wool is a little more expensive than synthetic materials. Part of the cost of the rug goes to the farmers who raise the sheep.

Not matter which wool rug you choose you will know that it is one which will see you through the years. To see our wool rugs click here.







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