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Zebrahide 11 is genuine cowhide designed with an authentic zebra pattern. The fact that it is of genuine animal hide, with one-centimetre-long hairs, gives the carpet a complete zebra feel.
Zoologists believe that the zebras’ stripes are a sort of camouflage. The vertical stripes help the zebras to blend in with tall grass. If your living room is not furnished with tall grass, this carpet will consequently not be doomed to an inconspicuous presence. Quite the contrary. The zebra carpet is a classic which can light up any room.

Size: 225 x 200 cm

- Ships within 24 hours!

Quality at Trendcarpet


Trendcarpet places the greatest emphasis on the quality of our cowhides. We import the cowhides from Brazil, where the most beautiful and best quality cow skins have their origin. Before delivery, every cow skin is treated so that it is 100 percent smell free, durable and hardwearing. By providing several pictures of each cowhide we import, you, the customer, have a full view of the cowhide’s quality and can confidently select the cowhide you like best.

Care and maintenance


Luckily, a genuine cowhide is very easy to look after. Here are 5 simple

guidelines for the best way to look after your newly purchased cowhide.

1) A genuine cowhide maintains the same quality for several years without any maintenance. Therefore, do not overdo the care of your cowhide.

2) Every now and again, take your cow skin out and shake it to get rid of any dust and lighter dirt.

3) For flecks due to food or drink, clean the carpet with neutral soap and warm water. Do not get the carpet wet, only dampen. Clean carefully, without scrubbing too hard. In this way, you avoid expanding the fleck and making it permanent. Use a soft, dry cloth.

4) Never dry-clean your cowhide.

5) Do not use solvents to clean your cowhide, and do not place it in a washing machine or a tumble dryer.






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