Who has not heard of the word Viscose rug lately?

The carpet which has become more and more popular and has now become the most common and awaited material in the Swedish home.

Viscose rugs whose material resembles silk have a luster and an incredibly well-crafted aura and provide a solid, exclusive and luxurious feel. Thanks to the beautiful colors and shimmer, viscose rugs become more alive, depending on how the light falls into the room. As a material, viscose is soft, breathing well, has a nice fall and its fabric keeps its color good, even the elasticity and wrinkle hardness are low. In addition to all this, a viscose rug can probably be among the most comfortable to rest your feets on.

Common questions about viscose rugs are of course the material. What is actually viscose?

Let's take it from the beginning. Viscose is an artificial fiber and is available in two forms: artificial fibers and synthetic fiber. The artificial fiber is found in nature in the form of cellulose from, for example, trees and bamboo, and as protein from, among other things, milk and soybeans, but they are in the wrong form. In cases where fibers are used to make carpets, it is usually cellulose from tree pulp such as spruce trees or other trees. Cellulose fibers from the trees must first be released and broken down and treated so that they can be spun and woven to the fabric. Although in the manufacturing process, different chemicals are used, the product is considered as one of the better environmental choices.

So, an artificial fiber becomes a thread, woven into fabric which then becomes a carpet. 

Here are some additional reasons why viscose rug is the obvious choice. Beautiful, simple and clean design that fits nicely into Scandinavian homes. Since carpets are doubtless one of the most important accessories for a home, it's something every person buys, so why not indulge in a velvet-like beauty. Tighten up a sofa or food group with a viscose rug, which has a very good ability to create a visual entirety that makes the home breathe LUXURY. Viscose rugs are available in many different colors and sizes and can easily make a boring room very vibrant and glamorous.

No matter what interior style you like and have, you can always use viscose rugs. And trust me, you can never get too many. Choose from both discreet colors and more colorful variants. Maybe a dark blue to get a harmony and a calm in the bedroom, which also gives you something soft to rest your feet on. Or why not a light gray color in the living room to easily match the remaining interior.

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