Kilim rugs

Kilim is a form of oriental flat tapestry-woven carpet, which comes originally 

from Asiatic nomads, who as far back as 1000 years before Christ used the carpet in their tents, to protect against the cold and to prevent the wet from forcing its way into the tent. However, a Kilim carpet functions just as much as decoration and communication thanks to the symbols and signs on the carpet. 3000 years later, many Kilim carpets have found there way into homes in the west, for the history, culture and beauty that come with a Kilim carpet.

Kilim rug – from Turkey to Pakistan.

The weaving technique for which Kilim carpets are famous – which means that the wool does not run across the whole width of the carpet but instead turns when the colour is changed (at the change in colour, a slit is formed in the weave, which, for the sake of a long life, usually moves sideways, and this is what creates the Kilim carpet's characteristic step-like diagonal pattern) – is mainly used in Turkey, Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan, but is also to be found in other regions, such as the Balkans.

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Since all kilim rugs have a unique appearance, the kilim rugs is available in just one example in our stock, and when it is sold, it is removed from our web site. We always send our orders within 3 days from order date.

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