Patchwork rugs

The Patchwork rugs are created from several 30-90 year-old Turkish carpets, whose parts are washed, repaired and woven together into the floor decoration called Patchwork. Trendcarpet's manufacturer in Istanbul travel throughout Turkey and buys vintage carpets from dealers in small villages and regions. The carpets are then taken to laundries where they are cleaned before they are forwarded to a repairer, where they are looked after, repaired and strengthened. This is also where the small pieces of the carpets are put together to create the new carpet, the Patchwork. The carpet then moves on to the final stretching. Here, all the carpets are placed on tables of different sizes and carefully stretched, from corner to corner and side to side to take on their rectangular shape.

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Patchwork Rug

Are you in search of a high-quality patchwork rug at a really good price? You've come to the right place! Explore popular and beautiful examples of these unique rugs right here at Trendcarpet. You can find both overdyes and machine-woven synthetic rugs, inspired by classic patchwork.

What does "patchwork" mean?

Patchwork is a type of rug traditionally created from 30-90-year-old vintage rugs from Turkey, whose parts are washed, repaired, and reinforced. These rug parts are then assembled and woven into entirely new rugs using a unique patchwork technique – and this is what is known as patchwork. Sometimes, parts of the rug are dyed before being woven together, while others retain their original color. At the end of the process, they are carefully stretched to achieve their desired shape.

Patchwork – a popular look

Today, there are many different variants of patchwork rugs as they have become very popular and modernized. You can find rugs made in the same technique but without using Turkish vintage rugs, as well as variants inspired by the typical appearance of patchwork. There are even variations for outdoor use. Among the most popular patchwork rugs, you'll find those made of kilim. Turkish kilim is known worldwide for its fantastic color combinations and eye-catching patterns of various kinds. Another popular type of patchwork is called "overdyes."

Overdyed patchwork

Just as the term "overdyed" suggests, patchwork rugs of this type are a variant that has been over-dyed. These rugs are constructed in the same way as other patchwork rugs but are dyed and washed several times in the final stages to achieve a new look. Overdyed patchwork comes in colorful as well as muted tones, all produced through environmentally friendly plant dyeing. Through the new color on a patchwork rug of this sort, you catch glimpses of the beautiful, traditional patterns that Turkish rugs are known for.

Materials in patchwork rugs

An authentic patchwork rug is handwoven in the finest quality wool, with a cotton warp hand-knotted. These rugs are known for their unique, worn vintage look that imparts a sense of patina. Today, however, you can find incredibly varied versions of patchwork rugs in a plethora of materials ranging from cowhide, recycled denim, and leather to materials like plastic. Machine-woven rugs inspired by classic patchwork but made of synthetic materials such as polyester, polypropylene, viscose, or synthetic wool are also common. These come in forms such as both pile and flat-woven Wilton.

Caring for your patchwork rug

Depending on whether you buy an authentic patchwork rug or a rug inspired by patchwork but made of a different material, how you best care for it may differ. Therefore, we recommend at Trendcarpet that you always follow the specific care instructions that come with the rug you've purchased. General advice, however, is to vacuum your patchwork rug regularly, preferably at least once a week, and always remove stains immediately when they occur. We also recommend hiring a knowledgeable professional for the flatwashing of this type of rug.

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