Round rug - Jodhpur Special Luxury Edition (turquoise)

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Viscose rug Jodhpur - our best seller! A shimmering and luxurious rug of fantastic quality that lies perfectly on the floor. The rug has a perfect grey color that is neither too light nor too dark. Here you see it in round shape.

Preferably used as a living room rug or in another room where it receives the attention it deserves. The rug shifts in color depending on how the light falls and in which direction the carpet is ironed. The viscose rug is one of the trendies rugs of the year, and we understand why. A viscose rug liven up any room!

The rug can shed and lose material at first, but it will stop with regular vacuuming.

Washing instructions: Sensitive to water. Submit to a professional carpet cleaner.
Manufacturing: Woven by hand.    
Size: 160 x 160 cm, 200 x 200 cm, 240 x 240 cm.      
Thickness approx: 15-20 mm.    
Origin: India.    
Material: 100 percent pure high quality viscose.

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