Round rugs - Trim (white)

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The shaggy rug Trim with short and dense pile, here in round shape. Glossy threads are interwoven with monochrome, creating a vibrant and flowy shaggy rug. Let your feet land softly and comfortably as you walk around on this homely shaggy rug. The rug suits just as well under the kitchen table, as it does as a living room rug or children's rug. Here you see the rug in the color white.

Material: 100% synthetic.
Material extra info: Fluff-free. (Heat treated synthetic material repels fluff)
Pile height/Yarn length: ca. 3 centimetres.
Yarn thickness: Normal (See the close-ups)
Weight: 3 kilo per square metre.
Washing instructions: Remove stains with a damp cloth as soon as they arise. Otherwise: entrust an authorised carpet cleaners.

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