Choosing the right multicoloured rug for you

Choosing the right multicoloured rug for you

Colour is without a doubt one of the most important aspects to think about when choosing a rug for your home. It has the ability to change our moods and give new life to a room. Many of us want to add more and more colour to our homes but we are afraid of the commitments which is why we usually settle with neutral colours like grey, white, or black. Nothing says summer time quite like multicoloured rugs in our homes, a fresh must haves in our homes for the new season. 

In previous blogs I’ve spoken about how different colours can affect a person's mood which is something important to consider. There is a reason why people have a fascination towards the rainbow. Colour psychology is an important tool used by artists, brands, and marketers in many different industries. Since we already know how individual colours affect us, it makes us wonder how do multiple colours affect us? Well, according to scientists, the combination of many different colours such as a rainbow has a soothing effect on our brain. Seeing a rainbow is a happy sight one which relieves us of anxiety and gives us a boost. 

Now that you know how a multi-coloured rug will affect your mood you’re probably wondering to yourself “where should I place one?”. The multi coloured rug is a very versatile rug in regards to which room it can be in. It really depends on personal preference and your personality to where you’d like to place one. If you’re more extroverted then a multicoloured rug in your kitchen or living room would really showcase your personality. If you’re more of an introvert then keeping a multicoloured rug in just your personal spaces might suit you better. Multi coloured rugs are also perfect for children’s rooms. Children love the bright collection of colours from the rainbow. If you have a dark hallway or a place where you’d like more light then a multicoloured rug can really help in that regard. There really isn’t a limit to where a multi-coloured rug can be placed.

Multi coloured rugs come in all shapes and sizes all with different degrees of how multicoloured they actually are. We have everything from a persian multi coloured rug to a multi coloured rag rug. Our San Francisco rag rug is the perfect example of a multi coloured rug which just bursts with all kinds of different colours. 

In conclusion, if you want to show off your bright bubbly personality and character while also bringing life and depth to a room then go with a bright multi coloured rug. If you’re a little more reserved and want something more on the classier side then consider choosing a multi coloured kilim rug. If you can’t decide on the two then take a look of our huge selection of multi coloured rugs. We have something for everyone, so grab yourself a cup of tea and start browsing here!







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