Everything about the Boucherouite rug

Everything about the Boucherouite rug

The Boucherouite originates from the Arabic term “bu sherwit” which means “a scrap of used clothing”. The Nomads of Morocco began making this rug in the 60s and 70s out of necessity rather than for fashion. Like our other berber rugs, such as the beni ourain rug, the boucherouite rugs are woven by women in Morocco. This results in the design and patterns of the rugs looking very pleasant.

The women who make these rugs usually follow a freestyle when they stitch these carpets, with the pattern usually being asymmetrical. The patterns that are weaved are symbols and motifs which are important for the tribes that make them.  

In essence, the Boucherouite is quite simply a rag rug. Strips of older textiles, wool, and unraveled fibers are woven together and to create something totally new. The humble beginning of this rug serve only to make the remarkable nature of these rugs more prominent. One of the most noticeable things about these rugs are their vibrant bright colours that radiate from this rug, especially when comparing to more traditional Berber rugs. This burst of colour is largely thanks to the presence of the synthetic fibers of the rug which together bring out vibrant and bright colours, something which cannot be achieved with artificial dyes.

In Moroccos these rugs are used mostly to be sat on when members of the family are making and eating food. The rugs are also used to sit on when riding horses or mules to make the journey more comfortable. If you are ever in Morocco you will frequently see people using this rug as a cover for their saddle. The rugs are also used against the cold during the winter months. They give comfort and warmth to peoples feet to protect them from the cold winters in the mountains.

Of course no one in Europe or America(where these rugs are most popular) use these rugs for their horses or mules. Though these rugs are sturdy and well made, they are used to significantly enhance the beauty of your home. These rugs go along with almost any interior design that you can imagine. Looking through an interior magazine you will see these rugs frequently pop up as they are well loved by stylists who use it as part of their projects and designs.

When you have one of these rugs you know that the one you have is entirely unique. No two rugs are the exact same. The process of this rug going from strips of unwanted material, combined together with other unwanted material, and then becoming a unique masterpiece is in itself a sort of cinderella story which is somewhat inspiring. It’s a piece of artwork on your floor which has a great story behind it.

All our rugs are authentic and handmade from Moroccos. To check out our boucherouite collect click here.







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