Go green with an eco-friendly Hemp rug!

Go green with an eco-friendly Hemp rug!

Hemp is a natural fiber and a variety of Cannabis sativa, which has had a number uses dating back to early history. The hemp fiber is the strongest of all natural plant fibers. It is so strong in fact that is used to be woven into ropes and used by sailors on ships. Not only that, Hemp rugs are natural and eco-friendly. It is grown without pesticides, chemicals, and fertilizers. Every part of the hemp plant is used, which means that nothing is wasted. Growing hemp takes much less time than growing trees which means that more forests are conserved. When you buy a hemp rug you are contributing to making the world a more eco-friendly place.

Let’s not forget to mention that hemp rugs are an anti-static material and is naturally resilient so it can be placed anywhere in the home that is needed. Hemp is also known to be sound absorbing and fire-resistant. When you buy a Hemp rug you know that it is a rug which will stand the test of time no matter how many footsteps it may take. The durability of the rug is not only due to the natural strength of the fiber itself but also because of the method used to wove the fibers together. Hemp rugs are typically woven by hand on broadlooms. This gives the rug strength and resilience.

Hemp rugs are even known to be therapeutically beneficial. They don’t attract dust particles, dirt or crumbrs like many other rugs do. These rugs are hugely benfitial for those who suffer from asthma, allergies, or for people who are sensitive to chemicals and preservatives. Hemp rugs also contain natural anti-bacterial properties which are which make it hard for bacteria, viruses, and fungi to spread.

Hemp rugs are also extremely easy to clean to boot. The best way to keep your rug in shape is to vacuum clean it often. It’s quite common for your rug to become dirty if it’s placed in an area where many people are walking. A simple quick vacuum clean will remove most of the dirt that may be on your rug. However, if you manage is spill food or liquid on your rug you’ll need to take a damp cloth and dab it on. Make sure to never rub in the stain, as it will spread the stain and make it harder to clean.

Other methods of cleaning should only ever involve a dry process. Hemp rugs are biodegradable which means that contact with liquids will eventually degrade your rug and make it weaker over time.

All-in-all the hemp rug is a unique eco-friendly durable rug that adds style and class to any room.







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