How to choose the best rug for your child’s room

How to choose the best rug for your child’s room

Choosing the right rug for your kid’s room isn’t the easiest thing in the world. Kids these days are playing, learning, wrestling, and doing all sorts of activities all day long, which makes it important to have a nice place for kids to relax and just be kids. There are so many rugs out there all of different colours, shapes, and patterns which makes narrowing down the perfect rug for your kids room tough. Hopefully this blog will help you a little in picking which suits just you.

The easiest thing to start with is choosing the right shape and size. Ask yourself what shape and size do you want? Begin with measuring out the area where you’ll have your rug. Decide which size is most suited to the measured area. Now decide on the shape. The most popularshape for a kid’s rug is rectangular which often makes sense, but choosing a round rug can be very beneficial too.

The next step is choosing the perfect pattern and design which suits your kids. Remember to keep your kid’s preferences in mind. They are the one who will be playing, wrestling, and walking the most on the rug. A lot of kids like animal rugs - they’re colourful, welcoming, and give a friendly vibe. A lot of kids like like our fotboll rug and sky road rug - they’re more exciting and relatable for other kids. The important thing is to allow your kid to have a rug that they too like and enjoy for their room.

One thing which is sometimes quite overlooked is the colour of the rug. Colour is tied to emotion. The colour of the rug can subconsciously affect your mood. It’s something that most of us don’t consider or give a second thought about. When parents are choosing a rug for playrooms, nurseries, and bedrooms, parents should take the impact of the colour into consideration. Here are some colours to be aware about and how they affect your mood.

Warm coloured rugs

Warm coloured rugs create feelings of security and comfort as they radiate a temperate colour. They also have a sort of energizing effect.

Red- The colour red stimulates your breathing and heart rate. It energises the body and mind. Feel free to use red in a playroom, but avoid using it in areas where your kid is going to sleep.

Yellow - Yellow is a colour which brights up the room and gives off a sunny radiance. It’s been known to help children concentrate, so consider using it in a reading corner.

Cool coloured rugs.

Cool colours like blue and green make a room feel more calm and relaxed.

Blue - This colour is proven to lower aggression, blood pressure, and anxiety. This is the perfect colour for a playroom.

Green - Green is a colour which created a feeling of positive well-being. It’s a colour which can really be used in any environment.

Grey - Grey is a neutral colour which can really be used in any place and can suit any room.

Consider checking our selection of children rug’s here. Whatever the colour, shape, or size we’ve got the perfect rug for you!







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