How to place a rug in a living room

How to place a rug in a living room

Nowadays, we have so many options when decorating our homes.

Even the most minor details, such as the room's rug, can completely change the decor and make it pop.

This article wishes to teach you how to place a rug in a living room, how to place a rug under a sofa, and how to place a rug under a sectional sofa.

What size rug for living room?

You must choose the size of a rug according to the size of the room itself. Not just the room, but the other pieces of furniture in it, like your sofa and your table. Do you wish the rug to cover the entire floor, from wall to wall, or just a section of the room? How you choose to decorate your living room is all yours.

These are the rug sixes that Trendcarpet offer;

  • 200 x 140 cm
  • 230 x 160 cm
  • 300 x 200 cm
  • 400 x 300 cm

Where to place the rug

Placing the rug in the living room can be trickier than you think. Furthermore, they may leave awkward empty spaces of exposed floorboards. The placement of a rug can require a lot of strategic thinking.

In general, you should place the rug so that it complements the other furniture. This could be a rug under sofa, rug under corner sofa, or rug in the middle of the room at equal distance between the sofas. Without a doubt, this is a great chance to release the interior designer in you.

How to place the rug

The appearance of your living room is drastically by the way you choose to place your rug under your sofa. The rug should be placed in such a way to complement the other main pieces of furniture in the living room.

For a small living room, you can go for a small rug that would look beautiful under a coffee table or a large rug that can cover the entire floor, unifying the space.

For a larger living room, you can again place a large rug over which every piece of furniture can fit. You may also try dividing the living room into different sections: a sitting area, an open dining area, a small office, etc. You can point out the divisions through matching rugs. Good luck choosing your rug, and have fun decorating!







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