Rug under bed

Rug under bed

Have you ever got out of bed on a chilly winter morning, shivering, and step on the cold hard ground? Well if that has been an ongoing problem for you, then do not fret! We provide the best quality rug designs to help you enhance your living experience.

What size should our rug be?

A frequent question asked by many people regard to the size of the rug. When trying to get the perfect rug under bed fit, there are many rug under bed rules to consider. This could depend on the size of your room, or the amount of furniture in the bedroom as well. Furthermore, if you prefer choosing your bed before the size of your rug, then Trendcarpet has many sizes for you to choose from. Not only will you get your perfect rug, but also help you find your perfect rug size bed as well. There are even different shapes of rugs available! We have the classic square rug which everyone loves, and also the unique circular rug if you want to spice up the design for your rooms.

How do we keep the rug clean?

Cleaning the rug is an extremely simple process with our quality material, a simple vacuum cleaner or carpet cleaner will easily wash away all your troubles. But once the bed sits on the carpet for too long, it may dent a small part of the rug which can be solved with a simple method. Use an ice cube and place it on the dent, and let it melt into the indentation. Once dried, the rug will fluff up, and it will look as good as new!

Deciding on a rug

This may the hardest part to consider for many people, including myself! With the hundreds of different unique designs, patterns and textures, how do we possibly find the right rug for us? With so many options and possibilities, it comes down to which rug would fit your room and your vision the best.

Trendcarpet has an enormous selection of rugs which means you will never run out of options. The different themes and designs can guarantee that you will be able to find your perfect rug. Trendcarpet provides a vast selection of rugs in different materials, patterns, textures, colour, and styles.

What is so good about having a rug?


As I mentioned at the start, who would want to wake up to a cold icy floor? A nice comfy rug under bed would give you the warm cosy feeling everyone craves when getting ready to start a new day.

Visually captivating

One of the main reasons anyone would want to buy a rug is for their own visual appeal and how it would enhance the way their rooms would look. A well-designed rug adds depth and texture to a room that the normal floor will not be able to achieve, which will ultimately elevate your room to an entirely different level.

Noise absorption and reduction

Rugs are perfect for absorbing sounds and making the room less noisy by removing some echo in your bedroom. Not only that, but the rug under the bed will be able to remove the sounds of footsteps which will further add to your own comfort.

Family Friendly

Hard floors can be slippery and smooth whereas having a rug would be able to provide better floor friction. Rugs would be especially beneficial if you have children (especially those who loves running around the house) since it will be able to having a stronger grip onto their feet. So what are you waiting for? Get your rugs now!







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