The best outdoor rugs to have this Summer

The best outdoor rugs to have this Summer

Now that summer is on the way the weather is changing. It’s time to be outside and enjoy the sunshine rather than to be sat indoors. Everyone lets to enjoy chilling outside without sacrificing the convenience of the indoors. That’s why creating an outdoor space which can emulate your indoor space as close as possible is a nice thing to think about and create. One thing which can really add to the outdoor experience to having a good outdoor rug. Rugs add style, character, and colour to any space it occupies.

When we think about the outdoors and rugs our minds usually jump to welcoming rugs. However, rugs in recent years are much more sturdier and are made from materials which can handle the elements better. Here I will suggest to you the best rugs to have outside on a patio or balcony to enhance your outdoor experience.

Sisal rugs

Sisal rugs are sturdy rugs which have a great design and colour to them. These rugs are hand woven and made from natural fibers. Not only are they great for the outdoors, but they are also extremely eco friendly. Although you will have to apply some caution as they are not very rain resistant and can slowly deteriorate over time if they stay wet for long periods of time. If you’re looking for an eco-friendly rug that is sturdy and looks great to boot then you really can’t go wrong with a sisal rug.

Jute rugs and Hemp rugs

Jute is strong, cool, and affordable. Not only that, but much like the sisal rug, the jute rug is made from natural grown fibers sourced from the Indian subcontinent which makes the rug an eco-friendly option. The rugs are resilient, sturdy, and best of all they look great. These rugs are sure to stand the test of time on any patio or balcony you place them on.

In recent time rugs made from hemp have become increasingly popular. They are also made environmentally friendly rugs made from natural fibres. These rugs are very affordable and are recommended for those who are on the fence about buying a rug to place outdoors.


Athens rug

The Athens rug is definitely the more stylish of the three. This rug is woven by hand in India and made from 100% wool. While it might not strike you as an obvious choice for an outdoor rug with the right care it can be left outside but only during the dry summer months. If you’re looking for a rug which can be left outside in the rain then a plastic rug is more up your alley.

Some quick tips for having a rug outdoors

    •    Though natural fibers are sturdy and sustainable they can’t handle the rain so well. These rugs are best for the dry summer months or for covered patios and balconies.

    •    Clean up spills as soon as the liquid hit the rug. In the hot summer months a spill can quickly dry into a stubborn stain which will be hard to remove in the future.

    •    Leaf blowers are exceptionally good for getting rid of dust and dirt which accumulates. They make it less tedious to maintain your rug.







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