The comeback of the Shaggy rug

The comeback of the Shaggy rug

Though the shaggy rug dates back to the ancient Greeks, the shaggy rug is synonymous with the American lifestyle and culture of the 60s and 70s and was often associated with carefree hippies and the beat generation of that time. The unusual appearance, fuzzy material, and soft feeling made it a very popular rug across the world. However in the 80s the shaggy rug began to decline in popularity as its association with the hippie era made the rug seem as a symbol of an era gone by.

Nowadays, however, the shaggy rug is making a spectacular comeback. Despite the rug being relatively dormant for a while, the rug’s comeback into fashion has allowed it to be transformed from a traditional hippie rug to a trendy comfort rug. Over time people came to realise that the shaggy rug is a rug which adds a great deal of depth and texture to a room, and is also very cozy and comfortable to boot. Today there are many types of shaggy rugs which can suit many different rooms. From a neutral colour to funky patterns there is a shaggy rug for every room.

If you have never felt a shaggy rug beneath your feet you’re missing out. When your feet touch the surface of a shaggy rug you can’t help but want to bury your feet into it, to feel the soft textures and fibres, and appreciate the comfort and softness that the rug brings. Not to mention that the rug actually reduces noise too. Instead of hearing footsteps from a mile a way you can almost glide across the rug like a ninja. The rug works almost as an insulator, by absorbing noise your home will become a calmer, quieter, and more relaxed place to enjoy.

If you want to create a comfortable atmosphere in a room then you really can’t go wrong with a shaggy rug. With its soft and comfy texture it is especially suitable for a child’s room. The luxurious style of the rug makes it suit practically any room. The rugs are offered here in a wide range of both sizes and colours. Whether you need a shaggy rug for your living room or kitchen you can be sure that you can find one to suit you.

The comeback of the shaggy rug is a piece of history in itself. Why not check out our selection of shaggy rugs? You’ll be sure to find one which suits whatever you may have in mind for a rug.







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