Why you should consider stair carpets

Why you should consider stair carpets

One area of the household which is not given much thought when it comes to carpeting over is the stairs. If you’re on the fence about getting a stair carpet then you’ve come to the right place. In this blog I’ll make a case why you should have stair carpets in your home. Not only are they stylish and comfortable, but they add a lot of value for their price.

Why should you add a stair runner?

Not only does a stair carpet add an amazing design and style to an otherwise bland and empty space, but it also provides a bit of safety. Exposed wood looks nice but can be very slippy when you’re running down it wearing socks. A stair carpet will provide a bit of friction between you and the stairs making you a tiny bit extra safe.

Stair carpets also absorb sound which will let you tip toe up or down the stairs quietly when others are sleeping. Not only that but having a stair carpet provides extra comfort and luxury for your feet on an otherwise hard surface.

If you ever look at before and after pictures of plain wooden stairs and their carpeted versions, it is almost universally true that the carpeted versions are much more stylish and more attractive finish look.

Having a stair carpet also upholds the quality of the wood and prevents a lot of future wear on your stairs.

Which kind of stairs are best for stair carpets?

Functional or basic stairs, also known as builder-grade stairs, which are one of the more noisier stairs are the kinds most likely to benefit from stair carpets. Builder grade stairs are stairs which are installed with the intent of getting people as cheaply as possible up or down stairs. When these stairs were originally built aesthetics and comfort were definitely not a priority. Adding something as simple as stair carpets will change these stairs dramatically and help improve the overall aesthetics of the stairs in ways that painting won’t.

Typically any noisy stairs or stairs which need improving can benefit massively from stair carpets. In most cases noisy stairs are noisy because the materials used to make the stairs are too thin to effectively absorb and deafen sounds and vibrations. Instead of building new stairs which could cost thousands it's much more cost effective to add stair carpets.

How should you clean your stair carpets?

Stair carpets can be vacuum cleaned just like any other carpets. You should also remove them from time to time to clean the hardwood underneath. If you encounter a stain then you should dab it with water and clean it immediately.


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