Oriental rug vintage

Add a touch of the antique to your home with one of our oriental rugs vintage styles. These stunning rugs are pieces in the Islamic tradition and add a touch of elegance to any room. Better still, oriental rugs vintage designs are unique and come in a number of different patterns and colours.

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Oriental rugs vintage design for your dining room

Pick dark red oriental rugs vintage styles to match with darker brown furniture. For a really classic look, add this to your dining room and really make a statement when you have guests over for dinner. Available in a range of sizes, you can choose the exact size and pattern you want.

Aged oriental rugs

There's a great way to bring something unique into your home while being sustainable when you do it — choose one of our aged oriental rugs. These pre-loved rugs are a great way to add a traditional look to your home, without the price tag. And, our aged oriental rugs are still of the best quality.

Colourful aged oriental rugs

Our aged oriental rugs are each unique. They've been carefully woven by craftsmen and each has its own individuality. Choose from a selection of bright reds and other hues for a truly impressive look in your home. All our aged oriental rugs are still super durable and available in different sizes.

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